PEDAGOGICAL WORKSHOP: How to Create Effective Teams with FRIS?

Within the framework of the First International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference Childhood. Literature. Culture. Education at the PNU EcoSystem Center, a pedagogical workshop How to Create Effective Teams with FRIS was held by a certified trainer Dr. hab. Piotr Mazur, Director of the Scholar Modern Education Center in Lublin (Republic of Poland).

During the workshop, the participants were introduced to the key differences in ways of thinking and acting based on four cognitive aspects: Facts (information) Relationships (interaction) Ideas Structures. The FRIS model is an original concept that illustrates the possibilities of pedagogical cooperation, considering the four styles of thinking and taking into account this uniqueness to enhance the team’s potential and achieve synergy.

The team of the PNU EcoSystem Center, based on the agreement already made with the Polish Teacher Training Center SCHOLAR, intends to intensify its work to exchange educational innovations and conduct joint training and workshops.