Aims and objectives of the Center

The main aim is creation of the MoPED Educational EcoSystem at the University for the modernization of the content of higher education in the context of improvement the process of training teachers for the New Ukrainian School with the use of innovative pedagogical technologies.


˗ dissemination of the best European practices in teaching STEAM subjects, the experience of using innovative tools and teaching methods in institutions of general secondary and higher education;

˗ development of digital competence of high school teachers, students, general secondary education teachers;

˗ ensuring interdisciplinary connections in education and teaching the worked out educational content;

˗ conducting academic seminars (webinars), online meetings, Internet conferences, etc. with the help of modern equipment;

˗ collaboration between the university and general secondary education institutions, improvement of teachers’ skills, educational associations for the promotion of STEAM education and activation of innovative pedagogical activities in the region;

  • expansion of cooperation with partner-universities of the project MoPED on joint events, trainings, development of joint courses for the modernization of the content of higher pedagogical education of Ukraine by means of pedagogical innovations;
  • inviting scholars from other countries to lecture, conduct training for students and practitioners, incl. using Cisco WebEx server video conferencing.