The First International Multidisciplinary Conference “Childhood. Literature. Culture. Education” gathered scholars from ten countries

October 6-7, the Center for Innovative Educational Technologies “PNU EcoSystem” of our university hosted the sessions of the First International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference “Childhood. Literature. Culture. Education”. The conference’s thematic sessions – educational and socio-cultural (coordinators: Prof. Olena Budnyk and Associate Professor Kateryna Fomin), philological literary studies (coordinator Prof. Tetiana Kachak and Associate Professor Tetiana Blyzniuk), philological linguistics (coordinator Prof. Svitlana Bohdan), media (coordinator Prof. Vasyl Teremko), artistic (coordinator Associate Professor Khrystyna Kazymyriv), as well as the session of Psychology and Inclusive Education (coordinator Professor Svitlana Chupakhina), were featured by active discussions in the context of military realities and the actualization of interdisciplinarity in collective research. The prospects of interdisciplinary dialog between scientists on the topic “Childhood. Literature. Culture. Education” to improve the quality of education of children and youth, their cultural development, and the use of children’s literature as a powerful means of education were discussed. The in-depth theoretical reports of our foreign partners from Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Croatia, Italy, and other countries included warm words of support for the Ukrainian educational community and interesting initiatives for cooperation and future projects. «Let’s unite our efforts to solve current scientific issues, generate ideas, analyze problems and results in a holistic way, and present new methodological perspectives in the studies of childhood, education, and literature for children and youth. We are grateful to all the participants for their professional, interesting, and in-depth research, relevant scholarly studies and discourses, and fruitful discussions and debates.», – the conference organizers concluded.

A book of abstracts has been published based on the conference outcomes, and the first issue of the scientific periodical «Children’s Literature: Interdisciplinary Discourse» is being finalized for publication.”

The participants will receive certificates for active participation in the conference.