For the second year in a row, associate professors Tetyana Blyznyuk and Kateryna Fomin organize English language courses on the basis of the Center of Innovative Educational Technologies “PNU EcoSystem” to prepare students for the Master’s degree, namely the Unified Entrance Exam (UEE). Intensive online training with fourth-year students of the Pedagogy Faculty has started this week and will last until the end of June.

The organizer of the courses, associate professor Tetyana Blyznyuk, claims that “last year’s practice has shown that such work helps successfully pass the UEE in English, as the training is aimed at developing students’ English language competence by performing tasks similar to those provided by the Unified Entrance Exam program”. Teachers implement innovative methods, digital tools and individual approach to each student in their work.

Professor Olena Budnyk, Director of the Center “PNU EcoSystem”, stated that under the conditions of today’s distance learning, the teachers who organized such courses for students use various forms of innovations to improve the quality of educational services, namely the latest digital resources and platforms for online learning, especially for creating a communicative environment, digital interaction and motivation in achieving the goals in English language competence.