For the second year in a row, students of HEL “Master” specialty 014.05 Secondary Education (Biology and human health) of the Faculty of natural sciences are mastering a new discipline “Innovation technologies in STEM – education”, which was developed and included in the educational program within the international project ERASMUS+ «MoPED» № 586098-EPP-1-2017-1-UA-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP. The purpose of the course is to acquaint students with the latest educational trends and methods of creating a research environment for STEM subjects, online laboratories, simulations, as well as provide them with the necessary practical skills in teaching biology in secondary schools and institutions of higher education in accordance with modern requirements. In teaching the course much attention is paid to the study of modern educational technologies: Inquiry-based learning, Project-based learning, Collaborative learning, Dual Learning. The students created and presented their own Inquiry Learning Space (ILS).

The study of the discipline took place in the newly created “Center of Educational Technologies”. During lectures and practical classes, students worked in different spaces of the innovative classroom: IT-Space was used to get acquainted with interactive methods, “flipped learning”, project-based learning, etc. STEAM-lab allowed using of innovative electronic resources for information retrieval, development of students’ creativity, stimulation of motivation to study and integration of STEM-subjects, skills of partnership cooperation. Mobile Learning Space was used during the creation and demonstration of presentations in individual or group form, research, development of new lessons, as well as for independent access to educational resources, learning e-learning tools. In Presentation Space, master students demonstrated their own lessons using the technology of “flipped learning ” and ILS.

The situation with Covid 19 and the introduction of quarantine restrictions have made adjustments in the educational process, forcing students and lecturers to move to online learning. Therefore, learning a new and interesting course is also carried out on the Moodle platform.