On November 8, at the Center for Innovative Educational Technologies “PNU EcoSystem” of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University (Ukraine), an open lecture for PhD students of all specialties was held by visiting Рrofessor Lech Witkowski, Doctor of Habilitation in Philosophy, Professor of the Institute of Humanities at the Pomeranian University in Słupsk (Poland), on the topic “Educational Transformations and Their Dominants: Between the Dynamics and Structure of Procedure.” The event was held as part of the course “Innovative Pedagogical Technologies in Higher Education and Professional Ethics.”

In the welcoming speech, First Vice-Rector Professor Valentyna Yakubiv emphasized the long-standing tradition of international cooperation between our university and the Pomeranian University of Słupsk, greeted the participants, and emphasized the significance of such events with prominent Polish scientists for Ukrainian graduate students who are at the beginning of their scientific career.

In his speech, Professor Lech Witkowski synthesized modern approaches to transforming processes important for human development, such as education and communication; and demonstrated the connections between structures and dynamic characteristics of change processes against the background of dualistic divisions. Considerable attention was paid to the issues of “duality” in the humanities and social sciences, the concepts of “explosive effects” and “social ambivalence”.

The moderator of the event, Professor Olena Budnyk, reviewed the scientific work of the prominent humanist scientist, author of more than 20 fundamental books on sociology, psychology, pedagogy, and philosophy, an internationally renowned scientist who lectures in various countries of Europe and the United States, and compared the importance of an interactive approach to pedagogy and the limits of transformational interaction, emphasizing the necessity of professional engagement aimed at enhancing the processes of personal transformation and focusing on the student’s perspective.

The subject of active discussions and debates among graduate students and educators also included issues related to meta-pedagogical professionalism, transversality, “explosive effects” of educational transformation, challenges of the anti-positivist breakthrough in understanding the explanation of processes and phenomena, etc.

The team of the PNU EcoSystem Center – professors Tetiana Kachak and Inna Chervinska, and associate professors Kateryna Fomin and Tetyana Blyzniuk – proposed prospects for further scientific cooperation.