From February 1 to 4, the team of the Center for Innovative Educational Technologies “PNU EcoSystem” held advanced training courses for pedagogical (scientific and pedagogical) staff who provide training for students in vocational pre-higher and higher education institutions on the topic: “Teacher professional development in war conditions”. Those were the first courses this year under the program, aimed at informational, methodological, and psychological-pedagogical support of educators, considering war challenges and realities. 109 participants were involved in the training, including professional college staff of our university and local universities – the National Medical University and the National Technical University of Oil and Gas.

In accordance with the Educational Program, the participants got acquainted with such topics as peculiarities of the teacher professional development in war conditions, the features and content of educational programs, the psychological resilience of educators in war conditions, the method of conducting student debates, the peculiarities of the case method, educational trends in the conditions of the development of a digital society: vocational training, immersive training, Agile technologies, micro-learning, etc. The course contents can be found in more detail on the distance learning platform of the Center for Innovative Educational Technologies “PNU EcoSystem” – Moodle.

The course program provides for the improvement of educators’ innovative, digital, communicative, and media competencies. After the final test, participants will receive professional development certificates (30 academic hours).