October 11, based on the Center for Innovative Educational Technologies “PNU EcoSystem” of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, an open lecture for post-graduate students was held by the invited Professor Marek Rembierz – Doctor of Science (Ph.D., DSc), Faculty of Arts and Educational Science, the University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland). The lecture topic: “Revaluations of the times of pandemics: on the interference of the pandemic in the world of human values and education”.

The event was moderated by the Director of the Center, Professor Olena Budnyk. About 60 participants – post-graduate students, educators, and scientists – joined the lecture.

Marek Rembierz is the author of numerous scientific works in the field of philosophy (axiology, metaphilosophy, general methodology of science, history of Polish philosophy), pedagogy (intercultural education, Polish pedagogical thought), and cultural and religious studies. Therefore, the discussion, which lasted for about two hours, touched upon the issues of interdisciplinary scientific knowledge, multiculturalism in higher education, challenges and advantages of distance learning in the pandemic conditions, as well as the point of the transformation of values in modern conditions, because human life and activity, professional growth is intertwined with the existing system of values that determine priorities, including in the education field.“An intensified and dramatic conflict of values is particularly evident when, in a state of massive threat to human life and the resulting inefficiency of emergency services, which have only limited resources at their disposal.., a tragically torn situation arises in which one has to choose whose life to give up to be able, with the resources thus saved, to begin saving the life of another person…”, – noted Professor Marek Rembierz, especially relevant in the conditions of russian military aggression.

Considerable attention was paid to the issues of organization of the educational process, and scientific activity in the conditions of the war in Ukraine.

All the participants expressed their gratitude to the lecturer and the entire Polish scientific community for their solidarity and support for Ukraine.